2022 Rivian R1T Window Tinting

Rivian R1T at Tint Magic Coral Springs

2022 Rivian R1T Window Tinting at Tint Magic Window Tint Coral Springs. We use COMPUTER CUT SYSTEM TO PRE-CUT WINDOW FILM BEFORE INSTALLATION. At Tint Magic we use Suntek window films Made in USA. We have installed Suntek CIR Ceramic tint on 2 front windows for high heat rejection and 99% UV protection. Call us for a free estimate! (954) 840-7883. Find us at: www.tintmagic.net

2022 Rivian R1T:

The Rivian R1T combines a mind-blowing mix of performance, comfort, utility and capability. Its four electric motors produce enough power to make most sports cars blush, and you can haul the family while towing an 11,000-pound trailer right behind you for a weekend of exploration. That said, the Rivian still has some work to do when it comes to its user-interface software and advanced driving aids. We experienced a fair number of glitches in our test vehicle that we’re hoping get resolved with software updates. A lack of full smartphone integration is also a bit of a bummer.

As you might imagine, the R1T is no ordinary pickup. For one, this all-electric machine has four motors, one for each wheel. And its performance specs are impressive. It’s built to tow as much as 11,000 pounds. And when it is empty, it can accelerate to 60 mph in about 3.5 seconds or cruise more than 300 miles on a full charge. Want to go off-road? There’s plenty of clearance to avoid rocks and ruts thanks to short body overhangs, a smooth underbody, and a height-adjustable suspension that allows you to raise the body of the truck when desired.

Sizewise, the R1T is a bit of a tweener. It’s not as big as your average 1500 series full-size crew-cab truck, but it’s bigger than any crew-cab truck you’ll see in the midsize segment. It also comes in just one body configuration with a 4.5-foot cargo bed. That’s short even compared to the beds of midsize trucks, but there are some cool storage features you don’t get in a traditional truck such as a large front trunk and a so-called gear tunnel. This is a log-shaped enclosed cargo area located between the cargo bed and rear seats that should work well for storing long and thin items such as strollers or golf bags.