Paint Protection Film PPF Parkland

Paint Protection Film PPF Parkland at Tint Magic

Looking for Paint Protection Film PPF at Parkland? Do not look further! Tint Magic use COMPUTER CUT Suntek Reaction Paint Protection Film PPF. Its super-slick hydrophobic layer shrugs off water and grime leaving only the shine you want.

SunTek® Paint Protection Film PPF guards against most road hazards you experience to consistently help maintain your car’s original finish. Our self-healing film stands out in a series of distinct finishes, helping to fend off rock chips, surface scratches, bird droppings and other debris while continuing to look spectacular. We’ve even introduced an advanced 2-in-1 technology that gives our latest product the protective power of both PPF and ceramic coating. SunTek PPF products are tested for performance and durability.

The owners of all vehicles will see a reduction in rock chips with the installation of this material. Your vehicle is an expensive purchase! Even if you plan to drive it until its wheels fall off, why not protect the paint to help it last as long as possible?

Suntek Reaction Paint Protection Film offer to your car:

  • Invisible protection from damage caused by rocks, salt, insects and other road debris.
  • Superior optical clarity and shine.
  • Easy clean efficiency, super hydrophobic.
  • Self healing protection, built-in ability to self heal surface scratches using heat.
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