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Tint Magic window tinting Coral Springs recommend drivers consider  window tinting laws in Florida before darkening their windows. If done correctly, window tinting can keep any car cooler and make it more energy efficient.

If drivers could install the darkest possible film, they could limit their visibility and increase their likelihood of a car accident. Likewise, if they installed a window film that is highly reflective, it could distract or impair the visibility of other drivers on the road, creating a major hazard for everyone.

In order to address this issue, each state sets limits on how dark each window can be tinted. These limits are expressed in percentages based on how much visible light can make it through the window.

Failing to meet these tinting standards could lead to traffic violations. While the first ticket might not cost much, they get larger each time an officer writes a ticket for the same driver.

The amount of light that travels through window film is expressed as visible light transmission (VLT). The lower the number, the more light is blocked out by the tinted film. A hypothetical 0% window film would block out 100% of visible light, and would be completely opaque (no visibility).

20% window tint blocks out approximately 80% of visible light, while 40% tint blocks out about 60% of visible light. Florida window tinting laws dictate what tint level is allowed for each specific window.

In Florida, it is illegal to tint the entire windshield. Window film cannot be applied below the manufacturer’s AS-1 line. This line is usually visible, about five inches below the top of the windshield.

bove the AS-1 line, drivers can apply window tint as long as it’s non-reflective. On the front side windows, the tint must allow at least 28% of light through. This is true for all types of vehicles.

Rules differ for sedans versus SUVs regarding the rear side and back windows.

On sedans, rear side windows and back windows must allow 15% light through. For SUVs, rear side windows and back windows must allow 6% or more light in.

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