2023 BMW M3

2023 BMW M3 Window Tinting at Tint Magic Window Tinting Coral Springs

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2023 BMW M3:

This is the sixth generation M3, continuing a lineage that dates back to 1986. It started as a naturally aspirated four cylinder and apart from one foray into V8 power, it’s used a straight six ever since. Once again, it launched at the same time as the two-door BMW M4 Competition. The regular M3 is now 1,730kg – over 150kg more than its F80 predecessor, giving it only a slight power-to-weight advantage and a claimed 0-62mph time only 0.1 seconds faster. Higher spec is to blame apparently, the firm claiming like-for-like weight is only up about 60kg.

The new M3 is certainly well equipped. In addition to the usual suite of driver safety aids, there’s also M Drive Professional which includes a lap timer, driving analysis coach, data recorder and – we kid you not – an M Drift Analyser to rate your skids. It’s a tough marker. A huge drift through Quarry corner at Castle Combe – 160 yards at 24 degrees of oversteer, according to the car – was rated four stars.

Find that behaviour needlessly childish? For extra security you can have a 4WD M3 for the first time ever. The standard car has ridiculous grip and traction, so you’ll be buying this chiefly for wintry peace of mind.